Shannon » congrats on being featured!! another knitter!!! Yippeeeee
daine » nice site
scarlett » Hi! Just browsing around....what an interesting hobby you have! And what a nice site too!
Ez » Awwww... cute blog ^-^. Hello there, Cordial Greets from Indonesia.
Jill » It was nice meeting all of you. Glad to hear you got the book, and I hope it's not too badly hurt
Marilyn » Jill, it was great to meet you tonight at the library. Thank you so much for the info about the Interweave sale. I ordered the book on Men's Knits for half price. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jill » Thanks La I'd been thinking about it for awhile but a post that you and Jen made gave me that little extra push
La » God I'm so glad you're blogging again!
Cheryl » Jill...the polar bear came out adorable!!!!
Christina. » Congrats on being the featured subscriber. Love your projects. You have quite the talent. *smiles* Keep up the great work. Have a wonderful weekend!
Goddess » blog hopping! Love this site! Well done!
ssprite » luv your blog - i would love some free easy crochet patterns for summer projects - if you have any idea where to lok - let me know
Nan » Does anyone have the pattern for the WHO Scarf? Seen in Rowan Magazine #32.
Jill » Thanks Ida-Mae
Ida-Mae » Just logged on for the first time and saw the picture of your doily. What a beautiful job you have done! Congratulations. As to knitting socks.... I commend you. If, and I say if, I knit socks I do i
Janice in GA » Cool! I want to know all about both of them! And don't feel bad about your crazy person thoughts. That's a typical day for me too.
Jill » It's in Woodstock, and I got even more exciting news today. One just opened 1 mile from my house!! I'm going tomorrow and will give the scoop on both when I get home
Janice in GA » Ok, where's the new yarn shop??? Inquiring minds in Atl want to know!
Janice in GA » Oh don't worry about being the only one eating chocolate in the spring! I'm always vulnerable to chocolate!
Jill » Janice, it was evil of me to do that but I don't want to be the only one eating chocolate in the spring
La » Hey Jill, I tagged you for a quick and easy meme....say you'll play along, pleeeeeease! (just look at it as blog fodder)
deb » hey jill, glad to see you back again. missed you. still need to meet up
Janice in GA » Ok, that is a seriously EVIL picture for those of us who try to stay away from sweets. Resistance is futile, isn't it??
Jill » Yes La. We have 3 long haired beasts in the form of 2 cats and a dog.
La » Ok, Jill, it's been a while, and I've forgotten & too lazy to research it. Got pets?
knittinchic » Get rid of the funk!!! We missed you. I'm interested in some tank tops for summer to wear with jeans under my ponchos.
utegirl » hi just learning to knit...not very well mind u! but to me it looks good! hope to make a scarfe for a mate...well,it looks kinda like a scarfe!!!!
abs » oohh..that multicolored hat you have in your "things finished" page is really cute! nice blog!
SSunsprite » ive been doing some counted cross stich lately - my eyes are killing me - think im going back to crocheting
Elizabeth » oops, i meant sometimes, not someday, lol
Elizabeth » I do crochet someday but am hopeless at knitting. I like your blog!
SSunsprite » very nice blog - like crocheting myself
LB » hello, could someone help with picking up stitches on knitting in the round on a purse. thanks bunches!! LB
nevergrowup » ok, I am new to knitting and I am having trouble with the rib stitch. the k11. it doenst look right and i know i am doing something wrong. any ideas?
Kelly » I have been looking for a pattern for a poncho made with ribbon. I want it to have HUGE holes. As you can tell it is for decoration, not warmth. If anyone knows of such pattern, please email me.
Laura » anyone willing to give me some direction in knitting in the round!
Laura » I am a New Knitter and have already found myself to be addicted, I am starting to knit a baby hat and doing it in the round, how to I begin to connect the two ends. I just found this accidently
Laura » I am a New Knitter and have already found myself to be addicted, I am starting to knit a baby hat and doing it in the round, how to I begin to connect the two ends. I just found this accidently
Inga » Hi, new to site - how do i avoid the hole you get when you turn and slip a stitch- i just remember you have to wrap yarn some how-HELP!
Nancy » hello all
Nancy » hello how do I joinf and get a password
La » Uh, Jill? You still out there somewhere? I MISS READING YOU!
Julia » Pssst! I finally finished the cardi that you sent me the cotton glace for! I haven't put up *real* pics yet, but soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jan » Anyone here
Jan » Good morning
Judy » Hi Jill! Great blog! Just added you to my bloglines feeds.
Jill » I never get lost, I just take the scenic route Nice shop. If I didn't have two very bored girls with me, I would've taken more time to really look at everything they had.
vicky » oops, meant to say "sorry" that you got lost
vicky » So what did you think of Mass Ave. Knit Shop? I think I was in there -- at the same time!! So you got lost -- I live in INdy and get lost every time I go there
Sheila » Hi Jill. Thanks for coming to see us at the shop (and the very kind words). It was great meeting you too and am glad your trip went well. Stop by anytime!
Jill » Took it long enough! You're welcome Now get over to Knotty Girls and make it work, I'm having withdrawals
La » Jill: THANKS! so know what for...
Jill » Donna sent that mug to me for my birthday! I don't know if they come in any other colors or not, sorry.
La » Ok, Jill, fess us, where did you get that mug? Do they make them in pink?
La » Hey, "Junebug" if that indeed is your real name....get a life, or get a sense of humor.....Jill, that was some pretty amazing improvising to turn Charlotte into a poncho!
Whitney » I'm a regularly published designer, does that give me the "right" to critique mags? I think any knitter, indeed, person, can critique as they see fit, without the gratituous rude comments.
Janice in GA » The basic Charlotte's pattern that Jill used for the poncho is available for purchase at and other places. Google is your friend. And it's FUN to criticise knitting mags!
Junebug » Instead of blasting the knitting mags, perhaps you should submit YOUR great design ideas for publication.
Jill » I don't have a pattern for the fuzzy dice,, maybe someone else can help. The poncho on 8/30 was adapted from the Charlotte's Web shawl. There's no poncho pattern printed for it unfortunately.
Diane Lee » Could I get the pattern of the poncho...Picture on Aug. 30-04..I don't know how to read ans on this site
Diane Lee » I'm hoping somone maybe able to help me ??? I've be looking for a pattern to knit the old fashioned angora dice !!!! of the 50's - 60's....I have just been asking at any knitting site I run across
Denise » Thanks, this was great...
Jill » Thanks Jonelle, I'll add a link to the list
Jill » Smiles, I don't have any but you can try
jonelle raffino » might at
jonelle raffino » HOpe its ok to share with all of you here but today we added 2 new crochet patterns to our website for all of you! Enjoy
SMiles » i would love to get a free pattern for some leg warmers.. Can anyone help me
SMiles » Knitter at heart
Jill » CookinDeb, I wouldn't know where to point you for the button, sorry
CookinDeb » nothing to do with knitting, well maybe... is there a free place to have a cool website button made?
Amie » Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
Jill » Sorry Mary, this is a tagboard and doesn't work exactly like a forum does. There are over 50 free poncho pattern links below, all knit. Good luck
Mary » I guess no one can help me... thank you all anyway have a great day
Mary » I am looking for a easy fast pattern for a poncho
amy » beverly, there is a pattern for legwarmers in the latest issue of family circle easy knitting. =]
Jill » Sorry Beverly, I don't have any of those. If you go to google and put in Free Knit Legwarmers Pattern, you'll probably find a few.
Beverly » I am looking for a pattern for knitted legwarmers for my 15 year old daughter
Rebecca » I like Kyma FAR better than Mythos, I have been to both places. Kyma is much more authentic.
Zola » I like the poncho, try wearing it a different way or giving away. Someone would love it. The little stitch markers are darling. I love them. Wish I had some.
Amie » Hmmm... I'll have to play around with my pattern, but I wonder if you could sew up the sides and then trim off the excess to make yours wearable? hate to see it dumped, as it looks nice otherwise!!!
Jill » It's hard to explain. I'll have DH take a pic of me wearing it since it's hard to really see laying flat.
Amie » Oh, Ick. I'm glad you warned me... How much does it pucker in? I wonder if I could alter the pattern and do seed or something to keep it from rolling or puckering....
Jill » It's funny that you asked that because I was just thinking today that I hadn't posted a pic. I'll get one up with comments within a couple of days
Vera » Did you ever finish Gigi?
Patti » Kyma is on Piedmont in Buckhead. I actually wouldn't recommend it. Just thought it was funny that you and your dh went Greek as well for the anniversary. I like Mythos a lot.
Jill » Haven't been to Kyma. Where's it at? We went to Mythos on Holcomb Bridge
Patti » Hey Jill, what Greek restaurant? Dh and I went to Kyma on Saturday, which is Greek and owned by the Buckhead Life group...
Jill » Thanks Christina It's the 3rd one up from the bottom. Keep the links coming though!
(hristinac » Heres a poncho to add to the list !
Jill » Hi Fran, I saw that! I wondered how you knew, now I know. Thank you!!
fran » Hi, I posted directions for increasing in lace ponchos on the KR forum for you.
Juliana » Great! Thanks Jill. We'll look out for it.
Jill » Juliana, I changed my mind about the substitution and you'll get an order soon
Jill » Vixen, the name of the shop is Main Street Yarns. Their email address is mainstreetyarns At bellsouth Dot net. They will mail to Australia and charge exact ship costs, no handling fees
Juliana » We're glad you like our Mohair Shawl coat. It does look great in the Creative Knitting magazine. Good luck with the yarn substitution, and having the large circular needles helps!
vixen » Thanks Jill. I am in Melbourne, Australia, and have been searching the Web for the yarn (which is how I came across you). Can you give me the name of the store/email address?
Jill » I found it at a yarn shop about an hour and a half from me, but they'll mail yarn if you aren't close enough
vixen » jill, are you the jill who can track down the yarn for the Deborah Newton cardigan in Vogue?
Jill » Now I feel really bad. I didn't know that because I pay as little attention to those as I can. Truly sick
Vicki » Totally agree about reality shows - especially the Worst Singer Show - they told the audience to be nice because these were make a wish - cancer patients - whose dreams are to sing. - sick - sick