Entry: By Bella Wednesday, January 18, 2006


buddy & ella
January 19, 2006   12:17 PM PST
Your mom's not going to like this but we recommend that you use that hole in the fence while you can because you're going to be too big for it soon!
January 18, 2006   07:51 PM PST
Bella, sounds like you and your mommy had a full day. Welcome!
Janice in GA
January 18, 2006   04:58 PM PST
I was wrestling with my Jasper dog the other day. I happened to be biting my lower lip about the time he kneed me under my jawbone. Ow -- bitten lip!

The fence thing reminds me of the time I pulled into the driveway and was met by my two dogs (only had two at the time) running out to meet me. They've found a loose board in the fence and gone out to explore. I was so happy that they were THERE and not splatted on the road somewhere! And then I told Sasha to show me where they got out, and she did. (She could read my mind.) I fixed the fence, and we had no more escapes.

Ear scratches to Bella!
January 18, 2006   01:52 PM PST
Well, Bella, my Wyatt came with me yesterday in the Georgia rain to run some errands, too. He barked his head off while I was in a yarn store. I think he might have been trying to tell me I don't need any yarn, but I sort of tuned him out. He also loves squirrels but he's been really into cows lately, too. They don't run, but he likes to yell at them anyway. Maybe someday you can come over and see them!

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