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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Fun stuff

I really shouldn't be knitting this weekend.  I'm concerned my gauge is going to be off and it's going to make for a wonky baby blanket.  Yet, I carry on.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday.  I'd go again anytime, except for a Friday.  The husband took a lot of pictures, and when things aren't so busy around here I'll try to get them posted.  I think the coolest thing was walking underneath the water and watching the fish swim over us.

So, younger daughter announces her engagement.  I think older daughter got a little jealous as she now has planned her wedding for September of this year.  Younger daughter is now planning a May 2007 wedding.  Let the wars between sisters and ex-wives/ex-husbands begin.  Ugh.  Ex is already showing his ugliness.  (The more people you invite the more gifts you get. That's all that's important to him. Who cares if you're happy as long as you get stuff from people.  Your mother is paying half of this wedding!  I've already given them more than that prick has.Ugh ugh ugh

I'm Pissed off, with a capital P, at blogdrive right now.  I upgraded the account with a 30 day money back guarantee.  There's no place to cancel the upgrade.  I've submitted 3 tickets.  I've called them on the phone and left a message on their stinking machine.  Scammers?

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