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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Still alive

I didn't chicken out, I went.  Everyone was very nice.  The bad part is that it takes me an hour to get there.  We won't talk about the hour and a half it took me to get home because I went the wrong way on one road.  Oh, why not.  I finally stopped at Wendy's to get a bite and ask for directions.  I was afraid the kid behind the counter wouldn't know so I asked the people in line ahead of me.  Turns out I kept turning around one exit before I would've gotten to where I needed to go.  They asked me if I lived on that road (no) and then why I was over in that area (to knit).  Turns out the guy's grandmother was a knitter and he still had some of the beautiful things that she had made.

I've got the two front pieces for the cardigan done.  I did a temporary seam up one side and tried it on.  Though I know that's not a real reliable way to tell, it looks like it's going to fit.  I started the sleeves last night (doing both at the same time like I did with the fronts) and am about 2 inches into them.  I'm excited about getting everything knit and seamed up so I can tackle the crochet.   That's where the real challenge will be.  If it turns out really bad, I can always search for a knit edging.

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