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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
A 3fer

Awhile back, I went through every one of my knitting magazines.  In one of them, I found an article about glass needles.  It said something to the effect of them being magical.  You knit with a certain color wool to achieve a specific effect, then you throw the wool in the fire and burn it.  Let's say you need some cash, then you knit with green and toss it in the fire.  I can't remember what colors go with what but the story was enticing and from then on, I wanted a pair of glass needles.  Had. To. Have. Them.  Even though I know I'd probably never use them.  And, must get some for Donna for Christmas. I finally found some at a decent price, but the size 8's (that's the smallest size) were always marked out of stock.  I sent an email to them, asking if they'd be getting more in before Christmas.  They didn't know but they said they'd let me know.  Later they told me it'd probably be after the first of the year.  When they finally got some in stock, they only got one pink topped pair.  I asked them to send those and I'd wait for the next pair.  When I got them, you don't know how tempted I was to keep them for me. ME me me!  I sent them, knowing mine would be here soon.  Mine weren't far behind.  And now that Donna has gotten hers, I can show mine.  I can also show you that the back of the sweater is done, and the beginning of the pink sock.

Three things in one pic.  A 3fer.  The needles came from A Good Yarn and they don't cost as much as you'd think, or as much as some other places charge.  Linda was a dear to work with too.  The yarn I'm using for the sweater is Classic Elite Attitude, a pima cotton/mulberry silk blend that has been discontinued.

Janice has assured me in the comments that they don't bite over there, so I'm going to go tomorrow night.  Yes, I will.  I will not chicken out.  *Deep breath*

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