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Monday, January 23, 2006
New toys

Sometimes I get The Itch to buy new knitting toys.  I go from one site to another, adding things to shopping carts to satisfy The Itch without actually doing any damage.  Sometimes, I'll even go so far as to hit the checkout button so I can see just how much shipping would be.  Once The Itch feels like it has been scratched, I close the website windows.  No money spent, no additional clutter to the stash, life goes on.  However, Friday I got a package in the mail.  Did I continue with an order by accident?  Did I order something and forget about it?  Nope.  Donna sent sock yarn and needles.  She also sent the sock yarn and needles that the other pair came from.  And it's pink!  Opal Flamingo.  Love it!  I've already started on the first one using Priscilla's Dream Socks pattern from the Fall 2000 issue of IK.  Not only will I get a pair of socks, but I'm going to be learning some new things.  The first thing is the Old Norwegian Cast-On, which was a little weird at first but I have the hang of it.  The other thing will be the short row toe. 

Now really, what is more fun than getting unexpected mail?  It makes you feel all giddy and excited.  Well, that's the way it affects me anyway.  I'm all happy and in a good mood because I have new pink yarn!  And, I get an email from the company I sometimes do work for asking if I can help out again.  Remember, I'm still in this fun mood because I got new pink yarn, so I said yes.  They owe Donna a thank you because if they'd caught me in a bad mood, I might have said no.  This works out for the better anyway.  I'm tired of trying to match stash and patterns.  I'm going to buy yarn for the patterns I really want to make, and resist the urge to buy yarn just because it's pretty or such a great price and it may be gone tomorrow omg!  There will always be more pretty yarn and there will always be more sales. 

In some email list, someone mentioned that Garden Ridge was now carrying yarn so I went to check it out.  They are, but it's mostly the same stuff you find in Michael's and Walmart.  Knit One Purl Too eyelash, Cats Meow Yarns or something like that, and something that started with a D, I hadn't seen before.  I didn't buy any yarn, but I did come out of there with other crap.  A new bag to put knitting stuff in just in case I ever get the balls to go to a stitch 'n' bitch, a few picture frames that were cheap and pretty, and a zebra print seatbelt cover for the daughter.  I stopped at another store on the way home and got a Rachel Ray cookbook.  I made a meal from it and botched it up by not reading the directions very well.  It always looks so easy and tasty when she does it on tv.  Ours was still edible and looked pretty, though it did take more than 30 minutes for me to fix it.

I ripped back down to the first decrease row on the sweater, and I'm back on track with the correct increases.  I have about another 4 inches to go on the back so it's coming along pretty quickly.  The new sock may slow it down some though, along with this work thing.

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