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Friday, January 20, 2006
Can't decide on a title and I hate them anyway

So many titles came to mind.  Screw it!  Dammit!  WTF!  Only me!  So simple and yet so hard. 

All fitting, but yet none just right.   See, I set out to find a pattern to match yarn that I have.  Shop from the stash and all that.  Something simple would be good but a challenge would be okay as long as I have the appropriate yarn.  Something unique would be nice.  Something I can see myself wearing.  I found this. Simple but still a little bit of a challenge because I don't crochet past the simple chain.  The only thing is, I have to translate it into a language I can actually read.  I pasted it into Word and replaced the text as I translated.  It took awhile, but I finally got it done. Pattern, yarn, needles, I'm good to go.  Stitch gauge is right on.  All was well until I checked my stitch count after doing the initial decreases.  Why did I only have 80 when I should have had 96?  I know I started with the right number of 88.  What in the hell!  It seems I was a little over zealous in my placing of the word Decrease.  I should have been increasing.  Dammit!  I can either increase from here to get back up to stitch count or I can rip out and do the increases.  Until I decide, I think I'll swatch for the other pattern  that I liked.  Bonus points because I don't have to translate! 

Here ya go, advice from knitters.  No, I was not surfing for this.  I stole the link from an email.

Oh, and Buddy & Ella, shame on you!  Thankfully for the household, Bella won't get very much bigger than the 33 pounds she's at now.  Unfortunately, it means we still have to fix the gap under the fence.

Posted at 12:05 am by Restless Knitter


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