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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
By Bella

Mom says to thank everyone for their comments, so thank you everyone. 

Yesterday I had a big day.  Mom had some errands to run so I tagged along.  As soon as I get in the car, I go to the backseat.  I don't mind riding in the car.  We were sitting at a stoplight and there was a car beside us.  Someone was in it, so I growled then barked at them.  I don't think they heard me because they never looked at me once.  How rude!  Then we stopped at this little building.  Mom took the stuff inside while I watched her.  Then she stepped behind the sign in the window and I couldn't see her so I got in the front seat to see if I could get a better view, which was silly because the building was behind the car.  As soon as mom got back to the car, I went to the backseat.  I didn't even try to get her french fries out of that bag.  Our next stop was the pet store and I got to go in.  Mom put these round things in a machine, pushed on the tv screen, and it started to make noise.  She was excited to get that pink heart-shaped metal thing that has my name and phone number on it.  I think she called it a name tag when she put it on me later.  It was raining a little bit so we ran back to the car.  We stopped at the grocery store and I didn't get to go in, so I just layed down in the backseat again.  Mom says that we can't do this in the summer because it will be too hot to leave me in the car for 10 minutes.  When mom came out, it was pouring very hard and she didn't take her umbrella.  She had water dripping off her hair and she said her jeans were soaked, not to mention the water in her shoes.  She looked so funny.  By the time we got home, I had to go.  While mom was changing into dry clothes, I stood at the door.  She let me out and watched me from inside.  I went to the back of the yard to do my business.  In the middle of doing my business, I spy something near the house.  It's under the deck.  It's moving.  OMG it's a squirrel and I must have it.  Who cares if I'm not done doing my business!  Off I go, splashing through these huge puddles of water!  Those squirrels can run, I tell ya.  This one showed me the one and only (that I've found so far) hole under the fence that I can get through.  The squirrel led me through the neighbors yard, out their gate and into another yard before it finally went up a tree.  That was fun though!  Then I notice mom in our backyard.  Uh oh, now she is in the neighbors yard.  I think she wants me to come home.  And look, she's wet again.  I tried to show her that I could get back there on my own through the hole, but she puts that leash thing on me and walks me to our yard.  Then she proceeds to lecture me and talk about making that hole go away.  Dad came home later and I showed him my new pink heart tag thingy.  I love dad and was so excited he was home.  I layed on the couch with him and bit his chin.  He took the scruff of my neck and shook it a little like mommy dogs do and told me not to do that.  I'm just playing and I happen to use my mouth to do it sometimes.  They say I have to stop that.  Old habits die hard but I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Mom finished her sock yesterday.  She said she'd show you a picture but it looks just like the first one.  Mom says she's found a Garnstudio pattern that she thinks will work with some of her yarn.  The only problem is that it's in another language and she's had to spend some time trying to translate it.  She thinks she has it all figured out except for the crochet edging.  She was going to ask for help with it but I told her this morning that she should go to the site and look up their translation table for crochet.  Duh. 

It's time for my nap goodbye

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