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Sunday, January 15, 2006
New member of the family

Meet Bella.  Look at those ears!

Last fall, Brandi (our English Springer) became ill.  In October, we had to make the decision to end her suffering.  There's been a hole in our hearts ever since.  We'd been talking here and there about getting another dog but the time didn't seem right.  On Friday, we decided that it was time.  The choice was to either get another Springer, or save a pet at the local humane society.  We chose to *save a pet.  She's an 8 month old German Shepherd mix.  She looks exactly like you'd expect one to look but she's about fifty percent the size, if not smaller.  We had no idea if she was housebroken but she's let us know when she needs to go out so there have been no accidents, yay!  She's somewhat on the timid side.  When we first brought her home, as soon as we'd get near her she'd tuck her tail and lay down.  We expected things like that because it's scary being taken somewhere new. Now she keeps her ears up and wags her tail, though she'll still roll over if she thinks she'll get a belly rub.  I'm a little concerned about her weight.  She seems pretty thin to me.  Maybe because Brandi was so, ahem, solid.  (I had a full blooded GS years ago and I don't remember her being on the thin side either, though she wasn't fat.)  And this one drools when she sleeps.  Alot!  We're talking a puddle.  She's going to the vet this afternoon to get checked out so we'll address the weight and drool issues.  All in all, we think we've picked the right pet for us and are glad we found her.  The cats are quite pissed off about it though :)

Knitting?  I did get another baby hat made.  I made this one a little bigger.  The first one just seems so tiny, though I guess a preemie's head isn't exactly big.  I'm at the toe area of the sock so it's not going to be done as soon as I thought, but that's okay.  I've been trying to decide what to start on next but it's that same old issue.  The yarns I have don't go with the patterns I want to make.  There has to be a match somewhere, so I'll keep looking until I find it.

*The Atlanta Humane Society is a no kill shelter.  The animals live there until they are adopted so technically we didn't save her.  I'm sure she's much happier in a home than a cage though :)

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