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Monday, March 16, 2009

Won't pick up new posts for the Wordpress blog.  

Posted at 11:39 pm by Restless Knitter

Sunday, February 08, 2009
Still here?

You're still here?

Moved again!  New blog at 

Posted at 08:20 pm by Restless Knitter

Friday, March 10, 2006

I've moved!  Come see my new home and enter for a drawing!

See you there :)

Posted at 02:44 pm by Restless Knitter

Monday, February 27, 2006

Husband had a root canal today so he's had some pain for which he's taking a lot of Motrin.  He went to bed early after napping in the chair for a bit.  His father went to bed a little bit after that so it was just his mother and I left.  She begins talking about the flight home tomorrow, not sure what time it is and hoping there won't be bad traffic when her other son picks them up at the airport.  I decided to check the Husband's email to see what time their flight was.  I felt a little guilty for checking his email but I did it anyway.  AND THANK GOD!  When he made the reservations for them, the return month switched to March so their return flight wasn't set until MARCH 28!  I'm sure my chin hit the floor as that moment of panic set in.  I felt really bad for waking him up, but better to fix it the night before than get to the airport and find out there's no room available.  Oh yes, i will be making fun of him for this one for a long time to come!

In knitting news, the baby blanket is probably half done though I haven't taken a measuring tape to it to verify that.  And I did indeed order the pattern I spoke of yesterday. 

Posted at 11:04 pm by Restless Knitter

Sunday, February 26, 2006
All I have is hope

As if I don't have enough patterns around here in books and magazines, I may have found the next pattern that I won't finish knitting.  For some reason, I have fallen in love with this.  I want it.  I must have it.  I've thought it over for the last 24 hours, and I still want it so tomorrow I will most likely order it.  I'm positive I'll have to purchase yarn to make it and I don't care.  I am hoping against all hope that once I start this, I won't lose interest and I'll actually finish it.  I can hear you all laughing!  (It's okay, because I'm laughing too.)

Posted at 11:09 pm by Restless Knitter
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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Fun stuff

I really shouldn't be knitting this weekend.  I'm concerned my gauge is going to be off and it's going to make for a wonky baby blanket.  Yet, I carry on.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday.  I'd go again anytime, except for a Friday.  The husband took a lot of pictures, and when things aren't so busy around here I'll try to get them posted.  I think the coolest thing was walking underneath the water and watching the fish swim over us.

So, younger daughter announces her engagement.  I think older daughter got a little jealous as she now has planned her wedding for September of this year.  Younger daughter is now planning a May 2007 wedding.  Let the wars between sisters and ex-wives/ex-husbands begin.  Ugh.  Ex is already showing his ugliness.  (The more people you invite the more gifts you get. That's all that's important to him. Who cares if you're happy as long as you get stuff from people.  Your mother is paying half of this wedding!  I've already given them more than that prick has.Ugh ugh ugh

I'm Pissed off, with a capital P, at blogdrive right now.  I upgraded the account with a 30 day money back guarantee.  There's no place to cancel the upgrade.  I've submitted 3 tickets.  I've called them on the phone and left a message on their stinking machine.  Scammers?

Posted at 11:38 pm by Restless Knitter
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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Baby blanket started

True to form, I've waited until the last minute to do the cleaning before the in-laws arrive.  Instead of doing a little cleaning before logging into work, I'm sitting here blogging and uploading photos.

The baby blanket has been started.  Which pattern did I use?  None of the above.  When it's done and not scrunched up on the needle, I'll get a better picture.

I really wanted to use up stash instead of buying all new yarn.  Granted, I had to buy a couple more balls to match what I have but it will ultimately result in the reduction of yarn in the closet.  Unless I decide I hate the pattern before it's done, in which case I really am going to buy a gift.

I leave you with this

Posted at 08:28 am by Restless Knitter
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Many many moons ago, a certain blogger sent something to me.  I'd like to send her something but I'd like for it to be a surprise.  I no longer have her address, and she's moved since then anyway so little good it would do if I could actually find the old address.  I know she's in the RAOK ring.  Is it against the rules for me to ask someone else in the ring for her address so I can send her something?  Should I ask someone else to ask her for her address?  That would spoil the surprise a little since then she'd be expecting something in the mail but I'd settle for that if I have to.  Otherwise, I suppose I'll just have to ask her myself.  Any other ideas?

Posted at 01:39 pm by Restless Knitter
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Things I've been unable to find in the last week:
1. Size 7 knitting needles.  I thought I had a 7 Addi and 7 Aero, can't find either.
2. A dvd that I burned episodes of Knitty Gritty on.  Thankfully they were still on the dvr and I could burn them again.
3. My magnetic board, which has a graph still on it
4. The Garnstudio pattern that I translated (later found)
Whoever is coming in my house and hiding my things, 'fess up.  I won't be mad, just let me know where things are.  It couldn't possibly be me being unorganized.

I took a break from knitting yesterday and did some finishing.  I did some of the crochet for the Garn cardi.  It's going to the frog pile.  The crochet part wasn't too bad but I wasn't so happy with it that I want to keep it.  And there's something about the way it fits around the armhole that I don't like.  It's like there is too much fabric but yet too binding.  I don't know how to explain it.  I don't think it's my seaming because I was quite proud of how well I'd finished this one.  I'm going to blame the yarn I used because blame has to fall somewhere, right?  I seamed the shoulders and sleeves of the baby hoodie.  The hood looks like it's going to be way too big so I may rip it and just pick up around the neck and knit it up new.  Sometimes I feel like I should be knitting washcloths.

Bella starts obedience classes on March 4.  When we brought her home, we sort of spoiled her.  I tend to think of pets from the humane society as poor abused mistreated non-loved little creatures.  I know that's not true, but that was my justification for spoiling this one.  She also needs a little socialization.  I don't want her to be afraid of other animals or people, but I don't want her attacking any either.  She's such a fun dog.  She loves to go for r-i-d-e-s which is something that Brandi hated.  I love to watch her pounce things that she thinks is hiding under the ivy.  She drags sticks (no, tree limbs!) that are 3 times her length across the yard.  She actually makes a wood pile with all the sticks she gets.  She has her issues too.  She tries to get your attention with her mouth, meaning she grabs ahold of you or your clothes.  She will still jump on us even though we've tried putting up our knees when we see it coming.  I'd really like that habit to stop before the in-laws get here next weekend.  At least she stopped drooling so we don't have to worry about anyone sitting in a drool spot on the couch.

Ah yes, the in-laws are coming next weekend.  I'll procrastinate the cleaning until the day before they get here, then I'll start with something stupid like going through my socks or organizing crap under the bed.  Husband got tickets for the aquarium, but other than that I don't know if we'll be doing anything other than sitting around and going crazy.  His parents are sweet people but they'll irritate him and put him in a bad mood.  It usually takes longer for them to irritate me, but it will happen nonetheless.  I may be doing a lot of knitting next weekend!

Posted at 09:40 am by Restless Knitter
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
This has to stop

Here's a small sampling of the swatches I haven't ripped out.  I wish I'd kept the other ones even though I knew I wasn't going to use them. 

The peach ones are Bali, white is Cotton Ease, and the blue is Jaggerspun Zephyr.  I know I don't like the bottom left one.  Partially because it should have been done on a smaller needle.  Zephyr isn't machine wash and dry, so it's out.  The Cotton Ease isn't too bad but I'd rather use a smaller gauge yarn.  The Bali is the softest of all the yarns I've used and it meets the machine wash & dry criteria.  I'm deciding between the middle two swatches.  I started the one on the middle left with a larger needle then switched to a smaller one, which I like the look of a lot better.  I like the middle right too because it's more interesting but I'm not sure how a whole baby blanket would look with it.  It probably would've helped if I'd make it bigger but like I said, I'm tired of swatching.  Decisions decisions!

Posted at 08:38 am by Restless Knitter
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